21 February 2016


I am a blatant and shameless supporter of the Chondritic Sound label. I relish each new batch of releases, and typically check out of life for a few hours when I get them into my grubby little paws. Within the (admittedly vast) realm of electronic sounds, the output is all over the map....but the quality control is strict, so I never fear blind purchases. Enter the 2013 cassette from AVELLAN CROSS - infectious, introspective, EBM-light if you will. An obvious affinity for the classics, and the combination of repetitive acid house pulsations and 20 Jazz Funk Greats styled blips and bloops on "Crosswalk" makes it clear that they know exactly what they are doing. Almost 50 minutes in total, and Stations Of... makes every minute of the journey worthwhile. I'll keep listening while I look forward to my next installment.

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