16 February 2016


Unfathomably unlistenable unconscionably awful nonsense. The fact that resources are utilized to reproduce (even in laughably small quantities) useless nonsense barfed up in a garage somewhere in the suburbs makes me sad to be a human. You're Down With West Side? Well...I just don't know what to say. If you want inept rendidtions of MINOR THREAT, BLACK SABBATH and NIRVANA tracks interspersed with utter nonsense like the "Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!" commercial (full disclosure: your very own The Wizard might have covered this nugget on stage in the early '90s....maybe definitely this happened) and nonsensical bedroom 4-track streams of consciousness that should have remained subconscious. It's worthless, and it's not even funny. So obviously you need it.

BUT THERE'S MORE!!!!! In case ESC isn't enough to make you cast all faith in humanity aside, get into JOHN AFRO BAND on the flip. But before you do, believe this: Even though these mutants are debatably more punk than those ESC mutants...you do not need any of these sounds in your life. Unless you like SOCKEYE. I like SOCKEYE...so there you go.

Seriously though: that "Post Office" track is pretty sick.

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Son of Spider said...

Oh, The Wizard, this is why we love you.