28 February 2016


Thinking back to that night in Los Angeles when I drank beer with the dude from Vacation hours after the store was closed and we talked about music and introduced each other to new sounds, perhaps the most intriguing piece of sound I left with was this S. MOODY cassette. On an evening filled with primitive black metal and proto industrial and modern DBeat hardcore, these four creamers seem to be the ones that are really sticking with me. Apparently the main man here was in MURDER CITY DEVILS (of whom I have obviously heard, but whom I have never consciously heard - does that make sense?), so maybe it sounds like that band (I don't think it does though)...or maybe it sounds like a southern tent revival attended by BOWIE, CAVE and MURPHY. Probably it's just legitimately soulful jams made by some grown-up motherfukkrs who have filled a magical crevice with crunked out grooves through the filter of aged punks. And yes, I am absolutely aware how stupid that sentence might sound but 1) this is my internet, and I don't care, and 2) you have to admit I'm at least a little bit right. Right? Four songs, all brilliant. Four riffs, do the math. 

This Is The New Age // For I Have Unveiled The Myth Of Freedom
(Released in an edition of 25 for a live performance at Vacation Vinyl last autumn)


Theresa said...

I'm so glad this is your internet

Unknown said...

"Theresa said... I'm so glad this is your internet"
support that, thanks Wizard!

Anonymous said...

same guy from area 51