02 December 2015


This is an aural time warp as much as a demo. Dayton, Ohio's LIQUID DRAINO sound like a combination of mid '80s Dischord, 7 SECONDS, and the collective DIY punk output in the year 1990. This shit fits so perfectly in my ears...even the almost ska-meets-"Miserlou" instrumental "Dinosaurs." There are some sure individual winners ("Dinosaurs," "Blow Up The World" - the singer's chuckle at the 1:02 mark is perhaps my favorite part of the tape), but the entire tape is fukkn great, and "Innocence" is a track to be played on repeat for hours on end...if you want to stay punk forever, that is. I do. And I hope that the "kids" who wrote the words below 25 years ago had some clue how much an old ass man was going to love singing them in the future. 

You threaten us with your "real world"
well this is as real as it gets
pushed in a different state of mind
trying not to forget
all of the worries and all of the fears
and all of those wasted years
I won't forget the pain...of being innocent
just kids...living our lives
just kids....wondering why
just kids...we're just kids

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