19 December 2015


As anyone who's spent time on the American South is well aware, there's a difference between the denizens of the deep Southeast and the hillbillies in the Smokey Mountains, the big city Texans and the generations old Virginia clans - "Southern Culture" has countless layers, and the people of Mississippi are certainly their own breed. I spent chunk of my early summers at my grandparents' outside of Lorman, Mississippi until I was in high school (technically, Mamaw's place was just off a rural route between the villages of Red Lick and Coon Box...seriously...but the address was Lorman), about 50 miles roughly south of Liberty, where the subject of today's post was born. JERRY CLOWER wasn't a comedian, per se, he was an incredible story teller and anyone who's spent time (or has family) from rural Mississippi will sure appreciate his gift of gab...just stories, but these stories put places that no one had ever heard of on the map in the early '70s. Sweet and endearing, pure and wholesome...and yes, funny, Jerry's first two releases are collections of tall tales and legends, the same kind my Uncle Sammy and Papaw traded back and forth with neighbors when I was a kid. For further reference, I don't think there would be a Jeff Foxworthy without a Jerry Clower...though I'm not sure that's the most rousing endorsement. More punk stuff tomorrow.

Due to an organic cassette defect (time does have its way with Terminal Escape's medium of choice), the last few tracks of each release are...well, altered. Time has degenerated these stories into blips and blurts of nonsensical redneck lingo, giving the impression that you are on drugs. 


GR8 N8 said...

Oh The Wizard, this is why we love you so. Keep it up.

zhollows said...

On one of my many road trips outside of New Orleans in the 90s, I drove to Vicksburg, MS to check out the national park up there. I decided to take the long route through country roads and county highways. It was beautiful and a bit weird and pretty awesome. On my way out of Vicksburg I headed northeast a bit and traveled through Yazoo City. Small town Mississippi at its core. I only wish I had had this tape to listen to on that little excursion. Thanks for bringing back that deep South vibe for me.

The Boo said...

Nothing like a killer Marcel Ledbetter story. It is true - JC is a master story teller! HAAAAAAWWWWWWWWOOOWW!