14 December 2015


Got this little banger in the mail a few weeks ago, and it had an obi strip that read Portland's Only Band. Well, Queen City, y'all motherfukkrs are lucky if this is the shit you get to listen to every night - I mean, I'm sure it gets boring without Steve Miller Band on the radio, and I like Poison Idea as much as the next guy, but if these are your only jams then you could do WAY worse. So revel, Portland, revel in the 1-2-1-2 drums and the damaged ass vocals doing battle with themselves while the bass pounds through relentless bouncy eighth notes and the guitar is busy just being punk (listen to the title track, and take notes, it's a perfect punk guitar track). Like, really punk. Short bursts of noise and weirdness to keep you on your toes, but CHEMOS are as straightforward as it comes and still manage to sound like they are from outer space. You know this....you've just never heard it done like this. Perhaps because you've never heard it from the only band in Portland. "Cleanly" is the choice cut, but all five are winners.

Also, the tape came with a nice note. Cute animals in parachutes, space ships, flags...really nothing more one can ask from thank you note stationary.

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