09 December 2015


FATIGUE is a new hard hitting hardcore band from San Francisco with boys from SCALPED, SYDNEY DUCKS, MERDOSO and a host of others. FATIGUE was a ripping early '90s melodic hardcore band who put their songs on a tape that eventually made its way to me with no background, just song titles. I say early '90s just because...well, listen to it and tell me this doesn't sound like it was recorded around '93 or so? Hints of SNFU, BAD RELIGION, early NOFX, and the whole thing smacks of a time when "melodic" and "catchy" didn't mean pulling punches or taking your foot off the gas. There are tracks like "Bite" and "Falling Over My Keys" that come off like early OFFSPRING, but irreverent rippers like "Alcomohol" more than compensate. Two separate recordings here, the first batch of tracks are definitely more polished and aggressive while the second are decidedly more amateurish but no less capable (and yes, I realize that "Cheers!" and "Ahhhh Shit!!!" are ridiculous, but I find that both are signs of the times as much as the style of punk FATIGUE is playing). So yeah, check out FATIGUE, and also FATIGUE have a single on Warthog Speak that is quite good.

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