07 December 2015


Repeat visitors here have surely read my waxing and waning (both pro and con, to be fair) about modern hardcore's apparent newfound love for Oi! and streetpunk. But take a gander at this shit and tell me that the new wave of rehash isn't about three generations past its time - which is totally fine...just a gentle reminder. FIST OF FURY hailed from Kuching, Sarawak (that's in Malaysian Borneo, in case you are curious), and dropped this demo in 1997 (the year their city was covered by an inexplicably brutal haze arguably caused by multinational greed, in case you are curious), and even though the "third world" punk scene was still burgeoning at the time, these tracks are pure devastation. Four on the floor straightforward hardcore punk, with gruff, throaty vocals that could not be more blunt - the "Chaos!!" chorus to "Organised Chaos" is quintessential blitzkrieg, so simple and absolutely bang on. There are only five tracks here, with the title track and "Fuck The System" standing out as highlights, but those looking to expand old school hardcore horizons beyond North American shores would be well advised to join in. 

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Jason said...

Wizard, posts like this one rekindle my faith in and love for international punk! Thanks for the upload!