21 August 2014


Sometimes it's nice when the source is a total mystery. I think I was directed to this project by someone personally involved, but that was months ago and my memory is shit. So here are two horrifically bleak black metal missives: "The Coils Of Depression" and the title track "Happiness Is Not An Option." See above description: horribly bleak. Kinda like life, but you take the good things out of it and you revel in them. And while it might be ironic to file NO PLEASURE IN LIFE with the aforementioned (but rare) "good things." sometimes you have to take what you can get. Even when what you can get is rather grim.


Tyler Barney said...

this is the project of Sam from Primal Vomit Records, who is also in Ives. he plays drums for a newer band called Worsen that you can check out here: wrsn.bandcamp.com.
I do vocals for the band, and we're releasing a demo through his label pretty soon. Check it out if you'd like. Free downloads for all. :]

Anonymous said...

D/Pressive bm anyone?