17 August 2014


So there's this pretty killer punk band from southern California called DOSES. They released a self titled 12" early this year and it's a pure jammer - solid, heavy noisy midtempo dirges backed by a drum machine and what I'm assuming is a shitpile of narcotics. Seriously, it's an excellent record, and you should either listen to it here or buy it here (probably both, one will tide you over until the other arrives in the mail)...but I'm here to talk about remixes. These fools got DJ HATE CRIME (worst name, obviously) to tweak the shit out of their record and the result is off the fukkn charts awesome. I guess it helps that there's a drum machine at the base of this whole operation, but the shit this DJ did to the DOSES record will melt your fukkn mind. A redux that is several steps beyond ill, this is what happens when your sounds go to the desert. I suggest hallucinogens, if only so you can be on the same pages as DOSES & Company. Welcome to actual next level aural insanity. 

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Anonymous said...

Killer punk on a for profit punk label. They should aim higher next time, they coulda been huge.