27 August 2014


I admit that I totally enjoy dipping my feet into unknown musical environments just to see how the water feels. Usually it's murky and uninteresting and I manage to escape with nothing to show but a few precious minutes that I will never be able to reclaim....but sometimes the water is a shimmering, refreshing oasis and I plunge in headfirst. That was the case when I saw Austin's BOY FRIEND last year...didn't know a soul in the room, just kinda found myself there. And within moments it didn't matter if there was anyone else in the room at all. Comparisons to COCTEAU TWINS are unavoidable (and justified, though even more so on their 2012 Egyptian Wrinkle LP), and it's been a while since I have heard a band that so immediately set a mood. If you have introspective and reflective moments and find yourself needing an escape, you'll drink this tape down like an evening cup of tea best enjoyed alone. 

Hard copies from Night People


kingpossum said...

Wonderfully dreamy stuff, this. There's always room for well crafted chill like this. Thanks for stepping outside the box with this one.

Anonymous said...

Not one word abt the brilliant Prince cover.

Anonymous said...

Cocteau twins is such a great comparison to her voice. I was expecting some crappy sounding shoegaze band. Nice