30 August 2014


It's difficult for me to imagine a less happy sounding recording than this one. Suburban Chicago mutants dish out some serious anguish on this 2010 banger - genuine ugliness and complete frustration.  Jerky, awkward, angry and completely disjointed music, HAPPINESS are nothing if not the manifestation of disgust. This is really really good.

Failure's cheap and easy // Failure's all I know


Anonymous said...

this is exactly the record i needed to hear today. thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Nice. This is from 2010? Sounds kinda 90s punk (mdc/etc)

Anonymous said...

I did vocals on this 4 years ago. The lyrics were written a couple months out of the psych ward. I'm in a better mindset now. I currently do vocals with noise as "12:29". The guitarist is in Acidic Tree, the bassist is in Acidic Tree and probably some other stuff. The drummer plays in Thumb suckered and runs Eat The Life records. We all still like punk I think.