07 August 2014


I suppose the intent was something like catchy street punk, but this Brasilian outfit messed up and made some killer weirdo punk instead and I couldn't be happier. Screwball ska parts and ramshackle midtempo Oi! crash headlong into breakneck off the rails hardcore that sounds more German that Brasilian (I'm thinking the title track in particular). The vocals and the barely together clean guitar are the standouts, and on repeat listens this one gets even better (though the motivation for the final track is still a mystery). I tried to find more info on the information superhighway, but I all I found was this video posted in 2012 (which is truly fukkn weird) so I'll have to wait for Renzo or Allan to chime in with some background. 

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Blizzard O'Blood said...

Sounds at times like KINA.