20 December 2013


An absolutely glorious journey, SIOBHAN cruises through five tracks of deconstructed minimal techno, just raw manipulated beats and an ambiance the teeters between industrial and dark psychedelia. The vibe created by Mind Court is literally and virtually mesmerizing, each track worms its way further under your skin. The fascinating world of the Nostilevo label continues to impress and amaze.

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Blacktooth said...

It's a shame that some folks see the term "techno" and instantly think of hairless muscle-men and 14 year-old girls on Molly wearing rainbow UGGS grinding in the purple haze of a sickly sweet smelling smoke machine. I mean, I see their point, but it's a shame. There's room for thought and expansion in this field of music. This stuff is distorted, rugged, and deep. Very good. Thanks for the post.