08 December 2013


I got this in the mail several months ago, and was intrigued enough by the title alone that I dove in almost immediately (an admittedly rare thing - when I get cassettes sent to me, they tend to go onto "the pile"). Sounds For Wax Museum is an exercise in patience and sound, 95 minutes of drones and haunting electronics, painfully mellow and painstakingly crafted. It's hard to tell if this is brilliantly executed genius or a giant inside joke, but the end result is mesmerizing.

These and other unrelated sounds were released by Energetic Action, and apparently things are different in Alberta....different and good.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got the tapes Robert! Sorry it took so long to send them. haha

Hopefully I'll come to the bay area again sometime in the new year and our paths will cross again! It's always good talking with you.