30 December 2013


My friend Greg said these dudes were the best. And then my friend Doug told me they were the best and sent me this tape. I'm not gonna say that a few months ago when I went to Oakland to see INFEST instead of seeing these dudes at Thrillhouse that I made the wrong choice, I'm just saying that this tape is really good, and that Greg and Doug are, as a rule, typically right.

Philadelphia: THE BROOD and ANXIETY HAMMER will be joining us at The Golden Tea House, which is something that I am excited about.


Harmonious Dischord said...

This is fucking unbelievably great! Most original and catchy thing I've heard this year...wait, the last 12 months.....at least! It's on vinyl just bought one, cheers for the heads up.

Susana Garcia said...

berry fun! seen em in boston a few nights ago