05 December 2013

(former members of alfonsin)

I posted this today simply because of associations, but I was struck all over again by how subtly powerful this band was. I only saw them once, a show in Oakland where I knew virtually no one, where I felt wholly underactive (in virtually every aspect of the word), but was made completely welcome. File this amongst the whole late '90s "personal is political" movement if you like, but realize when you do so that there are a few bands who deserve to be filed in a category all their own.


chad stroup said...

I had the privilege of playing a show with this band once (and saw them once or twice more after that). great people with a great unique musical vision, which more or less applies to all of the other bands they have been involved in over the years.

Amaury Ochoa said...

Anyone knows if the members of this band are currently involved in other bands or something?
Thanks for the link!

hacero said...

does anyone possess the lyrics of this songs? there are only a few in the web. Im not from eeuu, i cant understand the lyrics if a dont read them. Thank you!