25 December 2013


I went on my first tour in 1992. After we started off in Clovis, New Mexico, we set off for Albuquerque to play with the closest thing to a "known" band we would share a show with during our two week, seven show adventure: NAKED AGGRESSION. But we showed up to find that our LA via Wisconsin pals had broken down, and that a band from El Paso was giving them a ride to the show...and that's how we met NOT SO HAPPY. Scruffy, fast and crazy catchy, they blew the other bands off the stage (and yeah, that included New Mexico's infamous WADS) then zipped off into the desert, carting a helpless NAKED AGGRESSION back to their busted ass van. Dudes from this band would spend the rest of the '90s in other underappreciated bands like CHINESE LOVE BEADS and LOS VAGINAL BLOOD FARTS (the latter did a split with HICKEY, though I think they were just called VBF by then).


Dk said...

This is just damn fantastic. My goodness. Look out - the wolfman gonna getcha'. I also love the way they constructed the tape artwork. High fueled octane for speed heads who keep hearing melodic roar outshouts.

p.s. Best X-mas present ever. Thanks Robert.

Harmonious Dischord said...

Bizarrely some of this sounds very much like Siege playing melodic hc, really great stuff. The 1st song is over 4 minutes, wacky. A real gem here.