19 December 2013


There was a time in the '90s when I would buy absolutely anything with skeletons or dead bodies on the cover, provided that cover was black and white (and preferably blown out from excessive photo copying). I landed more than a few generi-crust duds as a result, but I was woefully unversed in the world of international hardcore at that stage of my punk growth, so I devoured all of the $1 singles I could get my paws on. I remember not liking MASSKONTROLL - the songs were too long and it was probably too close to metal (and metal was something I was trying to get away from), but upon revisiting this band nearly twenty years later....fuck! Yeah, it's kinda metal, but these dudes just annihilated the Swedish and Japanese hardcore/crust models, and they did it with a relentless fury rarely matched then or since. Absolute punishment, and the title track is as close to a legitimate hit as you'll find with a skeleton on the sleeve - even if there are only two riffs.


zhollows said...

I was always a fan of the Masskontroll / Battle Of Disarm flexi. Terrible flexi quality maybe contributed to the less "metal" feeling I had towards them at the time. Good to hear this tape!

Dan M said...

I just found my copy of the Carrion demo last month, and had recently been shopping for a cassette to MP3 converter. Thanks for posting this! Great to hear again.