04 July 2012


Biting and hopelessly cool garage punk from New York's WEIRD KOREA, drenched in '60s pop hooks and swinging like there's a boulder tied to their collective sack. It would be easy to dismiss them simply because it seems they are so very far from my non-art school and non-cool world, but if you manage to hold out until the bass fill that closes "Cheep Thrills" and the strained vocals that kick off "White Guilt," then you'll be hooked just like I was. Head south on a few confusing turnpikes and you'll be in New Jersey, home of SPOOK HOUSES. Less raw, more jangly, more natural, softer, sweeter, but fukk me if the songs aren't just as good. While the 5+ minutes of "Home" might not have been the best way to start off their side, the three songs that follow are packed charm and casual hooks. Breathy, with lots of open chords and echoed backing choruses. Wouldn't think this was my thing, but it clearly turned out to be.

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RANCH said...

this is an awesome tape, bands are also killer live.