20 July 2012


I've been putting this one off for ages - a killer comp of noisy hardcore and punk from the Northeast, but the track listing is confusing and I had to spend an hour on various music-centered social networking websites trying to ensure that I was delivering a quality product to you, my loyal followers. Not sure if I did, but I know I gave it my best. In order: MALE NURSES' snotty raw attack with killer guitar leads, blown out grind/hc from PLAGUE, crushing rapid fire stoner violence courtesy of WÜRM TONGUE (my choice tracks on the tape), CONDENSED FLESH crank through evil sounding hardcore, FAST DEATH deliver piercing metallic raw punk, fast as shit and heavy on the Japan influence in the riff department, and finally some raw garage sounding hardcore pushed to the absolute limit by DRY HUMP. What wraps up the tape appears to be another track from MALE NURSES, but like I said, things were confusing, and I am easily confused. A ripping half hour to be sure.

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