21 July 2012


Laid back and ultra infectious punk from upstate New York. Early '80s So Cal a la THE PLUGZ collides with BIG BOYS' affinity for funk (and MALLWALKERS employ horns throughout the demo instead of just occasionally), add in the snappy attitude of primitive and unpretentious UK post punk and you have created a monster. Lazy male vocals lead the band but the musical arrangements here are well worth delving into, and well beyond the mental grasp of your average dirt punk. "Ten More Years (Of '80s Hardcore)" is the jam of your weekend...I highly recommend some serious quality time with MALLWALKERS.

All the kids are saying "you can't dance," but I think I'm gonna take that chance

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Patrick M said...

one of my favorite current US bands! i think Buffalo must be channeling some extraterrestrial energy right now, no other way to explain the sounds that town is making. thanks for posting this.