11 July 2012


Grueling guitar driven hardcore from the outer reaches of western Australia. Spurts of crushing distortion laden sound are cut short by all encompassing tracks like "Renounced"and its segue into "Hungry Jacks I" - and then "Hungry Jacks II" kicks you right in the face all over again. The process is repeated several times throughout Family Time, and GRANDMOTHER prove themselves as masters of merging ambience with a bizarre combination of '90s guitar heavy punk and furious nihilistic hardcore. Courtesy of Slays For Days, this tape is criminally limited but the sounds are well worth the hunt. "Signal Jammer" into "Goodluck Jonathan" is among the most crucial things you will hear this year.


zhollows said...

I've never been super into the "noise" genre, however the snippets of noise works so well on this tape between the tracks. Crucial indeed!

Anonymous said...


This shit RIPS. Good lookin out.