13 December 2011


Most casual punks know SCREAM as the band that the dude from NIRVANA played drums for in the '80s, but those of us who know the Dischord LP from start to finish know different. But SCREAM is a tale of two bands, and both tales are told inside today's zip file. The four song banger from 1981 features two tracks from the aforementioned LP and two others, all urgent and ferocious in their pubescent intensity - a truly great tuneful (melodic before it was a dirty word?) hardcore band harvested from the same fields that brought us so many mandatory pieces of the USHC puzzle. So, the question is: "What the fukk happened?" Also included in today's post are three separate two song demos from 1985/6, showcasing SCREAM at their most shitty. Cock rock would be a generous descriptor, but the heyday of that coke stained genre had long since passed, and even L.A. GUNS might have shied away from a song about dreaming of a damsel while pulling on your pud. Two versions of "Walking By Myself," a musical jaunt down the highway of terrible ideas that seems to be yearning for sellout status, but is so much more awful than even the commercial radio rock was at the time. Worth it for the '81 demo (obviously), and as for the other six tracks? Well after you have a laugh and shake your head, bewildered that such a downhill slide can occur in such a short period of time, on most western keyboards the Delete key is located in the top right quadrant.

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