04 December 2011


Every I see this tape staring at me from the Shelf Of Cassette To Share, I think something along the lines of "Shit, I still haven't put that up? It's so damn good," and then promptly let THE GUILT return to the back of my mind while I sink another evening into turning gloriously analog sounds from years past into an unrecognizable sea of 01s and 00s. Redemption is Worth Nothing, the 2010 demo from DC's THE GUILT, a half hour of smart and determined hardcore that is able to set its sights firmly forward while sneaking fleeting glances over the shoulder at the forefathers (and the generations that followed). I hear SWIZ, and then I hear early '00s positive hardcore disguised as heartfelt '90s DIY basement magic. "Talk Hard" sounds as much like something you might hear on the radio and actually like as "Just Fight" sounds like a lost OUTLAST track, but both sound urgent and anxious - as does the whole tape. I always hated THE REFUSED, but I find myself thinking about all of the reasons that everyone kept telling me they were great, and those are the same reasons I keep coming back to these eight songs. Maybe I wasn't ready for Umeå's heroes back then, but I am certainly ready for THE GUILT now. Well written and expertly crafted songs, offered up with honest sincerity...sorry I waited so long.


will said...

Played a killer basement show with these dudes a while ago, they crushed it. this band is great.

FANCH said...

way into this

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, this rules!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.

You can download here without using mediafire:


Also this is our second tape, our demo is here:


If you want to buy one of these, email me, it's on both of those links!