17 December 2011


Painfully slow and agonizingly airy sounds from the DC area, CIGARETTE take an hour to shuffle through a dozen songs. Breathy and deliberately adorable, their songs are like CODEINE on 'ludes, with guitars floating through an evening sky thick with memories of lost love and a shroud of whispered promises. If Nick Cave were a well adjusted suburban adolescent with none of his malice but all of his vision, these are the the songs he would write for his girlfriend...or maybe it's the music Wayne Coyne will make when he is 80 years old, and CIGARETTE are just ahead of their time.

NO STATIK plays in Reno tonight. It's in a house, the one where the punks are. Look for it, it's close to the casino where I'm going to win a lot of money tonight. Seriously, a LOT.


Hot Dog Sam said...

Dear Wizard,
This shit rules. And I dig your blog.

Anonymous said...

The blog totally rules! Any chance of a re-up on this Cigarette demo?