11 December 2011


Noisy shoegazing adult punk sounds dredged though guitar alt rock (SST-era SONIC YOUTH/DINOSAUR JR., HOUSE OF LOVE) come your way from Western Massachusetts with great success. After a feedback laden title tracks swirls in and out of focus, PSYCHIC BLOOD launch into "Annihilator," which makes me pine for Daydream Nation like few things that have crossed my ears since I first heard that slab. The recording is distant and hollow, straining to reach the top shelf, though the band seems completely content (and confident), an absolute necessity when making music often labeled as pretentious. More mandatory with subsequent listens, PSYCHIC BLOOD have moved on to the vinyl format with even greater success. This one's a sleeper, but don't snooze. 


Corey said...

Keep up the good work. You're always posting stellar music.

Anonymous said...

this is really great