10 December 2011


Back to Chicago for a second time this week, here's the long overdue return of CÜLO to Terminal Escape. Their first demo made my head spin; 1000mph hardcore punk offered with pure abandon, just the way we like it. Equally killer vinyl slabs followed, and then this: the six minutes on the first side of this white shell make up some of the nastiest lightening speed hardcore that I've crammed into my earholes this year. A brief foray into DISCHARGE's "A Look At Tomorrow" is the only time I miss the presence of a four stringed assailant, and the track that follows more than makes up for any sense of loss I may have felt. One note keyboard solo? Yeah, we got that. Raw and fukkd in all the best ways...the flip side features the Nuke Abuse EP from Punks Before Profits, and this tape came from Frankenjew. Mandatory hardcore.

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