30 December 2011


Mix tapes are perfect for tour, this tour starts on a Friday, and Friday is (conveniently) the day that I post mix tapes. This tour will start with one hour presented by the cover models for SPIN magazine's 2011 year end round up (weird), Toronto's FUCKED UP. Perhaps just another spoke in the wheel of hype that has been this band's very existence, this is the second collection of blips, blurbs, rarities and guest appearances issued in criminally limited editions on cassette...URBAN BLIGHT, SEX VID, DANGER LOVES, SOCIAL CIRKLE, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, COLD WORLD and BRUTAL KNIGHTS make appearances alongside demo versions of future FUCKED UP classics (though, as a crotchety fuck, I don't really consider much of this band's output past Baiting The Public to be classic), outtakes and outbursts. "Dangerous Fumes" and "David Comes To Life" are still killer, but our heros fronted by Manno on the SHOP ASSISTANTS tune is probably the single best minute on the whole damn tape...except for the DANGER LOVES jam, so I guess Manno is kinda the star here. This is what happens when a band has a great idea that is actually as good as they thought it was going to be when they were drunk.

NO STATIK east coast/midwest tour starts tonight in Alexandria, Virginia. Come visit us, or visit Prank and snag our new record...either way you will be a winner.


Anonymous said...

"NO STATIK east coast/midwest tour starts tonight in Alexandria, Virginia"

Argh, how did I not know about this? Damn, I always miss the best shows.

Anonymous said...

hey mate,
would it be okay for you to fix the link for this and the other fucked up mix tape? id really appreciate it.

the wizard said...