18 December 2011


The midwest seems to breed a certain strain of crust that has been unhindered by the scourge of third rate melodic crust, undaunted by countless regurgitated recycled riffs on to the crap heap of plastic and petroleum waste. These are bands who seem determined to make important sounds even though their very nature will ensure that to most casual listeners they will be crammed under the same umbrella that critics have placed over the glut of unimaginative heavy melodic music over the last few years. MASAKARI and PROTESTANT come to mind, and I hold Michigan's LAZARUS TAXA in the same regard. I feel the same way I did when I first heard this brand of throat searing hardcore so many years ago, the low end the punches you in the gut and the frank unapologetic nature of the lyrics is obvious not only from the singer, but the whole band. It's not giving a fukk in all the right ways, and their melody, while sporadic, seals the package with a turned head and a fist to the chest. Though I take exception to the lyrics in "Cold Feet," I probably wouldn't have when I was 20, and that means they are probably hitting the right nerve. A band that makes my inner teenager seethe while making my outer 40 year old think...that's what I'm looking for.

Released in 2010 by Désordre Ordonné.

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