27 April 2011


This was waiting for me when I came home from tour, and I was so smitten when I put it on that it became the soundtrack for my day. This New York City three piece captures the dreamy hooks of the Girls In The Garage comps and inject a liberal helping of raw honesty without sacrificing any of the charm. I am seeking an adjective, but the word "bare" is the one that keeps coming up - not that these tracks are rough, but rather that AMERICAN SUN are completely exposed. The drums are often distorted to a distracting level, and the guitars are dirty in the most charming way, making even the "Fortunate Son" cover somehow forgivable. I got a lot of shit on tour, and even picked up a 5xLP German No Wave box set yesterday that I ordered last month, but these are the songs that filled my afternoon - and hopefully yours as well. 

1 comment:

Swill said...

DUDE. can I come by and listen to No Wave box sometime?

you should make a mixtape of the finest cuts, for the sole purpose of having an excuse to post it on this blog.