30 July 2016


Look out....genuine Bay Area freek show headed your way. FALSE SACRAMENT is equal parts ASBESTOS DEATH, VICTIMS FAMILY and ZAPPA, and is likely unlistenable to most. But I am not here for most - I am here for YOU. I mean, I don't know who you are, but I want you to be OK with digging these sounds. It's OK. Trust me. At the very least, I mean well. These mutants relocated to San Francisco from Virginia in the late '80s and, if this tape is any indicator, by 1993 their freak flag was flying at full mast. Those vocals though....


Adrián Osorio said...

pfff, was like a bad acid dream.
love it.
thanks a lot wizard.

Anthony Munoz said...

The download link is no longer active. Any other way I can get this False Sacrement tape files from you?