22 April 2016


You think you go deep? Shit man, sometimes I think I go deep, and then I stumble across something like this and realize exactly how completely clueless I really am. The title tells you most of what you need to know, but I'll finish the story simply: Get ready to go deeper. From the same Washington state genius responsible for the Natty Chariot and Behind The Iron Curtain mix tapes, Japanese Underground is 60+ minutes of new wave and pop that I had never (ever) heard of. Highlights include (but are certainly not limited to): D DAY, SH, IKARI (this hard wave/dance track might be the best on the tape), STANDARDS (perfect power pop), THE LOODS, MASANORI KASAKI (bizarro art/synth), and REVER...but there's not a single thing I want to skip past. The mix starts mellow with quirky, almost commercial, new wave but gets progressively weirder throughout, and the ventures into power pop (or maybe it's just sift punk?) are a welcome respite amongst the more indulgent tracks. Much respect to the compiler here...total success once again. 


Mrs. Inside said...

thank you!!!!!!

Mrs. Inside said...

Do you happen to have track titles for the Saboten, Viola Renea, and Che-Shizu tracks, and the band and title info for the 3rd track? Great mix! Thank for sharing. There is lots here I haven't heard of.

By the way, of you liked Che-Shizu, that is Chie Mukai's band. She made some very good albums for PSF and Siwa (a duo with Hiroshi Hasegawa). Che-Shizu's albums were released by PSF, so they should still be available. The first album was reissued by Alchemy, and that one might still be available also, though I'm not certain.

zhollows said...

Wow. So good (of course).