31 May 2024



The compilation is such an important thing in the history of DIY punk and hardcore, especially in the pre-internet eras. Mixes passed from hand to hand were the key to countless young rockers discovering new bands. Regional comps put together by nerds and super fans were instrumental in putting cities, states and countries on the collective map. And sometimes...? Shit just ripped. And, with 2011's Thrash Up My Ass! as evidence, clearly shit still rips. Talk about your all-go-no-slow compilations, this plastic blue shell struggles to contain 60+ 60 second bursts of hardcore/fastcore fury. A few household names (SHORT FUSE, HJERTESTOP, REPROACH) and so damn many bands that were new to me - and notably brilliant sequencing (SUNPOWER into TENSE REACTION is so particularly choice), so you want to flip it and thrash it right up your ass. Again. And this is why these comps are (still) so important. 

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