23 May 2024



In the 1990s, there was no widespread internet access. In the 1990s, there were fewer preconceived notions of what bands were supposed to sound like. In the 1990s, your scene was determined by your friends (especially if you lived in a small/er town). In the 1990s there was a band called FLESH EATING CREEPS from Virginia. Brutal, sarcastic, metallic, emotional. Rough? Yes. Powerful? Definitely. Rules? These kids didn't even open the book to know what they were (or weren't) supposed to do, they just unloaded. This is honest music created from a chaotic world - a patchwork of erratic technical hardcore with screamo tinges and grind tendencies presented with complete disregard for convention. This tape has everything, so you're gonna hear a coupla different versions of "The Brutal Blizzard Of '96" and "I Wish I Could Say I Give A Shit About You" along with "Fuck Your Friends, Every Single One Of Them" and 54 other doses of sonic butchery. In the 1990s there was a band called FLESH EATING CREEPS, and I honestly don't think that this band could even exist in the modern era....so revel in your history, young punk. 

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