03 May 2024

09 FEBRUARY 1988

Pat effortlessly rolling from GENE AUTRY to THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL pretty much exemplifies the joy of listening to these tapes. LOU REED into PHYLLIS DILLER? Makes perfect sense. A set that includes HALF PINT and SHINEHEAD leads into the event calendar and then 3 MUSTAPHAS 3 brings it home...folks who have been paying even casual attention shouldn't need an introduction to these tapes - simply not knowing what you're going to get is a part of the joy - because what you get is always going to be good. 


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rev.b said...

None of this makes any sense. It's all non-sequitur, but right where I belong tonight, or whenever I get a round tuit. I'll be thanking you w/o remembering why someday now.