26 May 2024


Look...time makes legends, okay? I've seen CRIME DESIRE a few times with admittedly mixed results. The first time I saw them I felt like I was watching a parody. Sounds fucked up to say about a band that I like but....shit was real. But punks is freaks, right? And few modern bands are willing to let that flag fly as honestly and proudly as San Diego's CRIME DESIRE. The band now (?) is completely different from the band that recorded this demo more than 20 years ago but...time makes legends. Listen to "Face The Facts" and know that these misfits and mutants were on a path. They were driven. They are driven. Also, the convergence of discordant hardcore punk and total dissolution is....well, this recording has aged well. I've seen CRIME DESIRE a few times. I cherish every one of those moments as I listen to these sounds with Future Ears and an old/er heart. CRIME DESIRE are always real, and they have never been anything that they weren't. We should all be so lucky. 

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