21 February 2024



I've been doing this blog for a while now. I've had one file hosting threat/complaint (pretty sure it was BLACK FLAG related) and one person write me to ask that I take their music down (from West Virginia's 63 EYES, which seems random). I've asked a few bands and labels before posting their shit, but mostly I just go for it using the "forgiveness not permission" mantra. But after I saw IDES OF GEMINI in Los Angeles a bunch of years ago I figured I'd ask them. They said no. Not gonna say I wasn't bummed, but also who the fuck am I, right? Since then, I have listened to this band a lot and I still really fukkn dig them, so here they are. It's cool though...you should be going to bands' sites when I link them anyway. I'm just not (normally) that kind of blog. 


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