23 February 2024


The final offering from one of the most relentless modern French DBeat machines, 2015's Chape De Plomb wrapped up a GASMASK TERRÖR's formidable discography with confidence that can only come from mastery. The influences are plain and upfront - TOTALITÅR, anthemic Japanese hardcore, modern colossal DBeat...and also TOTALITÅR - but it's what GASMASK TERRÖR do with those influences that set them apart. The riffs are straight fire, the riffs are fast as fukk, and this is a band who aren't trying to be heavier or creepier or anything more - this is a band who were simply driven, and it's refreshing. "En Opposition" is so brutally simple; two riffs and a blistering solo before the obligatory mid-tempo number that follows. You know what's coming and it still knocks your socks off, and then they sneak up on you (I'm thinking "Les Temps De Charniers" here) and knocks you the fuck out. Feels so good to listen to this shit with older ears...the tinnitus is louder than the leads this morning, so I cranked it up a bit so I could really hear the drums kick "Survivre En Temps De Paix" into gear before I walked into the other room to brush my teeth. Because I like punk. 

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