22 February 2024



Much like that Puddle Zines comp that was here a coupla weeks back, Time Capsule is an essential piece of East Bay (Area) early 924 Gilman-specific punk. You just need to peep the contents...ISOCRACY, GREEN DAY (covering OPERATION IVY), PENELOPE HOUSTON, JAWBREAKER, NAKED AGGRESSION (they lived here for a hot minute, remember?), BLATZ, BOMB...you get the drift. Appearances by MALIGNUS YOUTH and NOMEANSNO, plus way further under the radar acts like BLOODTEST, CRUMMY MUSICIANS and SCRUTINIZE MY BRAIN, with a few punk on the street What's The Scoop? interviews for good measure (if you remember, then you know...). Released in 1997 to celebrate the first decade of the (now) iconic spot....not gonna lie: I love this shit. 

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FiveGunsWest said...

Thanks so much for these old zines. I used to read them avidly. Funny BOMB is mentioned. I played with Michael Dean briefly in Bomb, which morphed into Jill the Witch and back to BOMB. I then played several projects with Michael for another 2 decades.

What I'd love to find are copies of 'Widows And Orphans'. Do you know that one? Or have some? I'd truly appreciate it. Here's hoping 2024 shapes up really nicely for you.