11 February 2024



The things you miss when you look away, you know? It's happened more in the last few years unfortunately, but I suppose it's more looking at something else instead of looking away so I'm not gonna beat myself up about it. I wasn't looking away in 2015 either, but I must have blinked at exactly the wrong time because EX YOUTH were gone in a flash. Everyone perked up when the murmurs started - Tobia (LABAL, MUTILATED TONGUE),  Val (LOMA PRIETA, PUNCH) and Anthony (CEREMONY, SKIN LIKE IRON) in the same band is certainly murmur worthy - and I really paid attention when I heard this five song sonic detonation. But by the time I heard it....they were gone. Maybe you can't always pay attention to everything - you'll drive yourself bonkers trying. But don't forget to look around you, to look backwards, because even the things you missed can bring you joy. Or, in this case, rip your fucking face off. 

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