05 December 2022



Raw, ramshackle and punk as fukk, Militancia Punk combines two fierce '90s Mexican political hardcore bands that I might have never known if Lalo hadn't decided to clean out his closet earlier this year. RABIA PROLETARIA whip out five gruff ska/hardcore numbers, the live recording buries the guitar (it's well worth the effort to listen to the leads on "Afirmando Principios," because that hooks is deadly good) but you can feel the energy leaping off of the tape. LUCHA AUTONOMA trudge through a couple of rough midtempo numbers with field and protest recordings breaking up the pace, but then they ramp up and turn into a completely different animal. "Desgracia Divina" is pure, raw power - unhinged like early '80s Italian HC beaten and dragged through a swamp, while "Tecnocratas" is an absolute scorcher ripped from the rich legacy of ferocious Mexican punk - the whole tape is a great document, but that one song absolutely knocked me on my ass. Fidelity queens will want to steer clear...real punks recognize real punk. 

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