12 September 2022



There was a hot minute in San Francisco when NOXIOUS PRIX were, without a doubt, the punkest punks. Full stop. The punkest. It was right around the turn of the century and I knew the guitarist Talon from STRAY BULLETS, but it was a casual acquaintance from playing together in Minneapolis. Seeing his new band of street rats in San Francisco was something completely different - they were wasted, they fought in the street, they were a hot mess...and they were great. They fukkn smelled punk, and you could even smell the difference inside Mission Records (if you know what I mean, then I don't have to explain it...and if you don't, then there's no way I could explain it). What makes this tape special though? NOXIOUS PRIX 'released' a tape that sounds like it was duplicated from boombox to boombox - no cables, just plopping one boombox in front of the other and blasting the shit. The songs are killers - all of them (but especially "War For Poor" and "Inner City") - but it sounds like a distant AM radio broadcast and all you want is to hear them sound better and louder and clearer but uggghhhhh it's so frustratingly sick to know that you never will. 

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Media Hits said...

Good post good post! You also posted a Stray Bullets demo, all good rare stuff not on YT.