26 September 2022



Why not spend another day in the unheralded 1990s? This time to Arkansas, for a blown out disastrous burst of demented punk from EMPIRE OF SHIT, recorded before they relocated to Austin, Texas. The sound of college-town-in-a-conservative-state misanthropes; tortured and generally fukkd but with advanced construction, and fronted by an absolute freak named Joe Fun. Bands like FITZ OF DEPRESSION, LAUGHING HYENAS come to mind - equal parts filthy rock 'n roll, hard driving punk and raw sonic damage. This one'll put you on edge, which is precisely how most of us would prefer to be living...most of the time, anyway. 

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rat music for rat people said...

fuuuuuuck. I've been searching their work since i've stumbled upon their 12'' vinyl somewhere on the internet 4-5 years ago, without find anything. Made my day with this upload!!