04 March 2021



I suppose people not alive or around in the '90s know Seattle's POSITIVE GREED (if they know them at all) because the drummer was a founding member of FOO FIGHTERS and SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. But I knew them because ALL YOU CAN EAT had run into them at some point on tour and Danny B. turned me onto them. Their sound (especially with hindsight) is definitively '90s - the quick ska breaks, the honest determination that can only come from adolescence, dancing between raging hardcore and earnest DIY basement punk. "Mindrattler" is like ACCÜSED crashing headlong into '80s Euro hardcore, "Two Wrongs" and "Bob Song" sound like they got lost on a Very Small compilation LP....basically this 1992 tape is great,  and I don't know why I bothered even mentioning the Foo Fighters thing because it's totally irrelevant. 

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Anonymous 1 said...

Thanks for this sweet writeup! I appreciate your kinds words about us!

-Lindsey from Positive Greed