05 March 2021


This collection of raw (mostly) instrumental psychedelic dirges settles in like a new piece of furniture...you walk by it a few times and then it's just there. Like it always has been. Recorded and presented by Chris Cat Food (OXYGEN DESTROYER, SIBERIAN ASS TORTURE, GEORGE CRUSTANZA), the ten artists here sound suspiciously similar while they dance between PHARAOH OVERLORD style numbing repetition (NO, COMADRE!) and pure repetitive bombast (CRUST KAPPA RAMPAGE). The recordings are uniform, so that when the tape does break loose as on the brilliantly monotonous "Rush To Death" by DIABLO CON CARNE it fits in perfectly and still listens like rehearsal doom. A filthy rocking session with damaged guitars from RACCON COMPLEX CONTAGION,  a fifteen minute exercise in patience from MOUNTAINOUS CRUNCHMENT, a short West Bay worthy bass/drum assault from CLANDESTINE BRONTOSAURUS...you almost get the impression that someone's having a little fun at your expense. But honestly, by the time I get to "Wizard Dream" by TLC WATERFALLS, I don't really care if this is a joke or not.


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