27 February 2021


Another dose of synthetic cold from Moscow's SIERPIEN. Melancholic synth/pop by way of dark European wave, the sounds this duo create are timeless, and rarely have I wanted to understand an artist's language more than on this release. "Сигнал" ("Signal") simply begs to be sung along to, swaying alone in a crowded club enveloped by isolation, the light of the chorus pulling back the shades and exposing the early morning sun. It's a song with the force and the hook of a "TiK ToK" or "Domino," but this power may be rooted in KINO by way of SIEKIERA...and accept my apologies if I reached for low hanging fruit. The band sounds like a modern, relevant act that has come from the past (as opposed to a band who are looking to the past for inspiration).  As I mentioned when I previously visited SIERPIEN, body of work is immense, compelling, varied...you are encouraged to get lost. I did, and I still do. 

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