06 November 2018


Oooooofffffff on the Indonesian devastation. This mid '00s recording from Bandung is only three tracks, but XBRW cram more power into five short minutes than most bands can muster in an entire discography. Rapid fire machine gun drums drive the assault and almost overshadow hints of '90s Japanese hardcore lurking amidst face melting fastcore. The breakdown "Rebuild To Destroy" alone is well worth the price of admission, and since the whole thing is so short, I've found myself listening over and over and looking forward to the quiet mood setting build up that takes the middle third of the song before that breakdown drops....you know it's coming, and it just makes you want to break stuff more when it arrives. Just complete sickness throughout. 

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kingpossum said...

Absolute monster. Hearty thanks for the post. These three tunes is all you need.