23 November 2018


From the smooth funk of FRANKIE KARL's "Don't Be Afraid," there can be no doubt that this installment in the East Side Story series is going to be a winner. Just as the earlier volumes shared here (and, to be honest, the many more to follow), prepare yourself for a twelve track journey through time. The curators were smart to maintain a few solid pillars, and LLOYD PRICE, BRENDA & THE TABULATIONS and THEE MIDNITERS are welcome returns from Vol.2 (the former even dropping "Just Because" in the third slot for the second time, an either bizarre or brilliant move). But THE DELFONICS, a sultry cut from ROBERT & JOHNNY, THE SUNGLOWS, and ETTA JAMES' simple sweet "My Dearest Darling" set the stage for yet another collection of essentials. The hits keep coming, the hits never stop....Killed By Death for the kids who were cool before you were born. 

All I need
Is someone like you
My dearest darling
Please love me too
Oh nothing, nothing, nothing in this world
Can keep us apart
Unghh, my dearest darling
I offer you my heart
-- ETTA JAMES "My Dearest Darling"

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