05 November 2018


When you start your life shrouded in the dust of the thousands of howling raw DBeat bands that blazed the trail before you - hundreds of bands who followed the masters, soullessly aping a formula as genius as it was necessary and choosing mimicry over originality...it's daunting, that's all. How do you make your bombastic DBeat band stand out? How do you create a light so bright that it will shine through the black clad haze and burn a permanent impression of your creation into the hearts, minds and earholes of all fortunate enough to experience it. Considering the odds, how is this even possible - and what would make someone even try? But people do try, and bands continue to fall in line recycling the same riffs and making sure the EQs on their distortion pedals are set precisely the same as the bands who came before them (and the ones that will come after) to ensure that there is no distinction. No originality. Indeed, no life whatsoever, just passable facsimiles taking up space on shelves and in boxes before they move onto used bins and languish. So the real question is: Why bother? Indeed: why, why - why why why? Because there's a chance. Because you might have the formula tweaked just right, and the conditions might be perfect, and maybe you are the unicorn and your horn with stand tall above the studs and spikes. Of course, it's also possible that you are just that fukkn good, and that your under the radar Four Track Demo from 2015 will slowly and confidently rise to the surface, filtering fury down from the Great White North. Sure, maybe you keep bashing the shit out of that tired ass drum beat because you don't know any better....but maybe you do it because you're driven. Because you need it. Because you're full of fire and if you don't release the energy then you will implode. And so you release it in the most efficient and deadly way possible.

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